Students comments

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the new Yin/Yang arrangement on Wednesdays.  I'm hoping to be able to start attending your class on Friday too.  I really can't get over how good it makes me feel.  Thanks for all you are a wonderful teacher!

Paula Patell

Tina is very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing different types of yoga practice with her students. Her classes are invigorating physically, and highly instructive mentally and spiritually. Studying with Tina has opened new dimensions in my life. I recommend her classes highly." Thea Reidy

"Tina's yin yoga classes and workshops are wonderful. She takes into consideration your experience level and takes the time to show you modifications if your body can't quite get to a position.  I always feel better after Tina's class.  Thanks, Tina!"
Jane Halsted

I have always been impressed with Tina's depth of knowledge about Yoga.  However, it is not knowledge from book's alone.Tina lives what she teaches and this comes across as you receive her guidance to heal and strengthen body and mind.

Dave Griola

Tina's classes have helped me in so many ways. I've become stronger, more flexible and can see and feel my progress.  She never ceases to amaze me with new poses and new information. I'm so glad when she offers another class because it's another opportunity to fit it into my busy life.  When I miss class, I feel like I'm missing out. Her workshops are incredibly informative and give you inspiration to keep aspiring to higher levels."

Patti Serrao


I'm a relatively new Yoga student.  The first few sessions were very difficult for me because I'm older than most average students.  But I also did not realize that we did not have to reach the distances or hold for the time suggested.  However, having done Yin Yoga for several months, my balance has improved, Yoga is becoming easier, and I feel much stronger.  Thank you.



I attended Tina's detox workshop - she is terrific - It was my first class with her and I felt right at home.  I learned a lot about different areas of the body and poses to help with detox and cleansing. It was also my first exposure to Yin yoga and it was intense, but wonderful. I am looking forward to taking more classes with Tina"

Debby McCormick


"Tina is an outstanding yoga instructor who is able to address specific, individualized needs in her yoga classes.  I have attended her classes for over 2 years and find my body more flexible and aligned.  I look forward to each class for relaxation and health of my body and mind. "Debbie Quick

I am a relatively new yoga student and started yoga with Tina last Fall. I really enjoy her yin/yang yoga classes.  They bring me a sense of peace and balance and relieve my stress. As a massage therapist, I am soaking up all the varied knowledge Tina shares with the class on a regular basis.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about so many things related to wellness of body and spirit.  I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking for a way to relieve stress and learn more about ways to bring about a healthy body and mind.


Hey Tina-
Just thought I would send a quick note to say I really enjoyed the workshop on Sunday.  It was so informative to learn about all the different ways to detox.  It seems when I attend your workshops I always come away with something to work on.  I especially got an "ah ha" moment when you mentioned using positive intentions toward that certain someone you would rather not deal with in your life and referred to them as a "teacher" - I really have one of those and I never looked at the situation as creating a block in my life but it totally does and disrupts my whole balance.  I plan on really trying to send out positive thoughts and see what comes back!  Thanks again for the enlightenment. Best wishes for a great Spring full of renewal!

Debi Grovine

Hi Tina,
As I said at today's class - i forgot how great your classes are  I
feel fantastic.  Youre one in a milllion. Pat Reidy