Free Audio Talks that clearly explain the healing effect in a simple down to earth manner to help us be our best. I absolutly love this website and Nancys books. Check her out! Below are some links I find very helpful:

Audio Podcasts: click on the following link

Mapi Podcasts
1. Aroma,
2. Sesame Oil
3. Winter Health
4. Maharishi Integrative Medicine
5. Vitamins, Supplements and Maharishi Amrit Kalash

6. Beauty Sleep
7. Anti-Aging tips


Wonderful Articles, plus more, here are a few helpful articles  Effects of lack of b12 on our health and how to choose the right b12 supplement if you need one. (AMA Self Test) AMA is a Toxic by-product that interferes with good health (how to do a self healing massage) (how to combat a cold) (sinus congestion)