I would like to build a reference where we can support organic farmers and eat more healthy and avoid the toxic effect of pesticides, herbicides and roundup that is sprayed on so many farms. Please lets build this list together, send me information where we can support those who are practicing sound farming principles so we can support them. Send more locations to tinasyoga@gmail.com to add to this list

1. Syracuse Cooperative Market, 618 Kensington Road, Syracuse, NY 13210


2. Green Star Cooperative Market, 701 W. Buffalo Street, Ithaca NY


3. Green Grocery, Fairmount Fair, across from Target 


4. The Syracuse Farmers Market (some vendors are organic)


5. Ithaca Farmers Market (All Vendors are organic) it is the best market around 


6. Wake Robin Farms, (Does not have a organic certification) but their cows are grass fed and they do not use chemicals. They sell cheese, yogurt and milk at their farm and at the Farmers Market. They are located at 117 Brutus Road, Jorden, NY


7. Natur Tyme - Not much in produce but they have a bulk section to purchase herbs and spices. They do sell some organic meats, dairly, and dried beans, lentils, etc.